Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Very Lucky Fellow

Last weekend myself and a few friends took a ride out to the country side there was about 16 of us
so there was a lot of bikes shimmying and weaving and as you can expect racing ,The photos show
the result of what could have been alot worse an accident,While trying to overtake one of our less
experienced riders clipped the rear wheel of my mate Paul which in turn sent him to the tarmac taking down 4 other bikes in the process,thank god no one was injured (apart from pride and some scuffed leathers) but had there been a car or truck coming the other direction it could of been alot worse.
Some people refuse to start at the beging and learn on smaller bikes and build up experience they just want to hop up onto these crotch rockets and race like Valentino or Mick Dooan .We were lucky this time maybe not so lucky next time
Stay Safe !!


  1. Awesome. I'll always be too mcuh of a pussy to ride a motorbike.

  2. I'm 17 and kinda wanna get myself a nice little 125, I say little as its the biggest I could legally get right now and would be nice and fast, but compared to the power in proper seasoned bikers bikes it isnt much =)

  3. slumph you have the right approach,I started on a 125 4 years ago which isn't a long time ago stuck it out and im doing track days now getting my knee down overtaking the best of lads out there and as ya probaly realised im a girl to stick with it and take yer time any advice you want just ask

  4. Glad to know no one got hurt, needs more helmet cameras for intense action though.

  5. hope your still alive <3

    and thanks ashley, forgot to mention though i steered away from the idea of it a while ago and more towards getting a car instead, in the future I'd love one though, but driving around with friends, going where and whenever I want in the comfort of my car with my music and stuff and going places with my gf and/or friends with me just appeals to me so much, cant wait till i start driving, starting learning soon =D in the future i'll get myself a sexy little bike ;]

    I'm an avid reader of yours so I'd appreciate it if you headed over to my blog and voted in my poll and stuff =)