Friday, October 1, 2010

Planning a road trip (a few tips)

It's always a problem knowing what to pack for a
motorcycle tour. Fortunately, that feeling of utter
freedom we get when we are riding our bikes far
outweighs the problem of limited luggage space.
Having said that, the problem doesn't go away,
but by applying a little thought, it can be
overcome. Here are some tips to make life easier
on the road.
It's tempting to throw as much as possible into your panniers, but
remember, every ounce you pack onto your bike reduces handling
qualities. Add to this a pillion and the needle on the pleasure-ometer
begins to swing to the low side. Of course, there are some things that
you can't do without, but the keyword here is need. Take what you need
and nothing more. If you are going on an organised guided tour, the
company should (if it's worth its salt) have a back-up vehicle that will
carry your luggage.
To optimise the handling of your bike, place heavy items at the bottom  of your panniers.
In the weeks leading up to your planned tour, begin making a list of what
you might need to take with you. At this stage, it doesn't matter if the list
is too long; you can always cross things off as the time draws nearer.
By using this method, you will ensure that the things you take with you
are what you really need. You will also reduce the risk of leaving behind
an essential item.
Unless you like riding for hours with a rucksack strapped to your back,
it's invariably better to have panniers and back box. Detachable
panniers are great; they can be unhooked as carried like a suitcase. Belt
bags are also popular for carrying things like money, credit cards and
mobile phone.

Do What i do and convince a friend with a car to come along with you on the trip and carry all your 
stuff in the boot of there car :-))
Next trip planned is France ,Spain ,Portugal  next summer


  1. sounds like an awesome trip! have fun man!

  2. Lol, I like your thinking. Excited to see what kind of adventure you're going to have touring around in the summer.

  3. My roommate has a bike and is thinking about taking an actual road trip this fall (he rarely takes the thing out). I'm going to have to point him towards your post! Great article. :)

  4. I want a bike so bad :/ well have fun man :)

  5. Im a little afraid to get one, guess im just a bit of a chicken

  6. Sounds awesome, no doubt you'll have a amazing time.

  7. this is the best reason to get a cycle, freedom to travel, would be nice

  8. uuuhhh nice, lemme know when you are you in germaderp. =D

  9. thanks for the travel advice and might i say that picture is sick

  10. hey, this is one of my more favorite posts from you :)

  11. This sounds awesome.
    I haven't ridden a motorcycle yet...
    I believe that a man has to ride a motorcycle at least once in his life...

  12. Haven't ever ridden a motorcycle.
    Have taken hikes on my bike with my girlfriend and those have been really fun times, though.

  13. Great post!

    looking forward to reading the next one

  14. I agree it is so incredibly handy to have a car following along to put all your stuff in.

  15. It's good to see that you're beating inertia today :)